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Anonymous function in C#

 What is anonymous function in C#?

An anonymous function is an "inline" statement or expression that can be used wherever a delegate type is expected.

You can use it to initialize a named delegate or pass it instead of a named delegate type as a method parameter.

You can use a lambda expression or an anonymous method to create an anonymous function. We recommend using lambda expressions as they provide more concise and expressive way to write inline code.


How to use anonymous function in C#?

Anonymous function code examples using,

  • Delegate with named method,
  • Lambda expression
  • Delegate with anonymous method
  • Built-in delegates (Func & Action delegates)

delegate void SampleDelegate(string x);


public class AnonymousFunctions
         static void DisplayData(string x)
            Console.WriteLine("Data is :" + x);
        static void AnonymousSamples()
            // initialization with a named method.
            SampleDelegate testNamed = new SampleDelegate(DisplayData);
            // C# 2.0: A delegate can be initialized with
            // inline code, called an "anonymous method." This
            // method takes a string as an input parameter.
            SampleDelegate TestAnMethod = delegate (string s) { Console.WriteLine(s); };
            // C# 3.0. A delegate initialization with a lambda expression.
            // The lambda also takes a string
            // as an input parameter (x). The type of x is inferred by the compiler.
            SampleDelegate TestLambdaExp = (x) => { Console.WriteLine(x); };
            //Anonymous function with action generic delegate
            Action<string> TestDelGeneric = (s) => { Console.WriteLine(s); };
            // Anonymous function with action delegate without paremeters.
            Action TestDelActGen = () => { Console.WriteLine("Codechef4U samples"); };
            //Anonymous Function with func generic delegate, first 2
            // parameters are input, and last parameter is result
            Func<string, string, string> GetCombinedString = (x, y) => { return x+ " " + y; };
            //Anonymous Function with predicate generic delegate
            Predicate<string> isValidSurName = (x) => { return x != null && x.Length >2 ? true : false; };
            // Invoke the delegates.
            DisplayData("The named method call using delegate .");
            TestAnMethod("The anonymous method call.");
            TestLambdaExp("The lambda call.");
            TestDelGeneric("The action generic delegate .");
            Console.WriteLine("Full name is: "+ GetCombinedString("Aditya", "Kendre"));
            Console.WriteLine("Is valid name :" + isValidSurName("Kendre"));

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