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jQuey html () methods get the html contents of the first element in the set of matched elements or set the html contents of every matched element.


Return content:

$(selector). html ()

Set content:

$(selector). html (content)

Code sample:

Following code will return html for search result div,

$('.search-result'). html ();

Fowling jQuey html () method set the html contents of every matched element.

Code sample:

Following code sets htmls for all div tags in document,

$("div"). html ("<span>Hello team <b>text here </b></span>"); 

Sets html content using class selector,

$('.search-result'). html ("<span>Hello team <b>text here </b></span>"); 

html () method allows function also to set html content check following code sample for same,

$("#resultDiv"). html (function () {
                    var emphasis = "<em>" + $("p").length + " paragraphs!</em>";
                    return "<p>Result content is " + emphasis + "</p>";

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