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Vue.js Is better than Angular Or React?

We are planning to convert one windows application to web application,presently we are in planning and requirement phase.

We are collecting input from web experts on deciding client-side technologies and considering

AngularJS,ReactJS and VueJS.

Some experts suggested us VueJS is good than angularJS and react, Web experts please reply your suggestions on this


Hi check my reply on your query,

Vue is a progressive framework for building user interfaces considered one of the top 3 JavaScript framework. 

Below listed Vue advantages over Angular Or React that proves how Vue is powerful as compare to other frameworks, gaining more trust in current market.

Based on my AngularJS and VueJS development experience all the points are covered.

1.  VueJS utilize a virtual DOM.

2.  provide reactivity.

3.  performance optimizations - In Vue, a component’s dependencies are automatically tracked during its render, so the system knows precisely which components actually need to re-render when state changes

4.  Vue is lightweight & very easy to learn.

5.  VueJS has Render function and supports JSX.

6.  VueJS community has also been very innovative in terms of state management solutions.

7.  To get a better solution to solve a problem, things should be separated which reduces complexity. 8 Global state management Flux and routing Vue-Router are  npm packages.

9.  Vue has its own component life cycle.

VueJS founder was working with Google on many AngularJS projects. He knows everything is integrated under one framework,  He understood the drawbacks and decided why everything needs to be under one umbrella so he created Vue which is very lightweight.


Please review below links for more information. It has very good comparisons but not in chart format.

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