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Ustrasana- Camel pose

Ustrasana- Camel pose (उष्ट्रासन):

The name comes from the Sanskrit words (Ushtra) meaning "camel",and Asana (आसन,) meaning "posture" or "seat".

Step 1:

Kneel on mat, place both hands on your hips and bend backwards..

Step 2:

Hold right ankles or heel with right hand and left ankle or heel with left hand.

Step 3:

Bend your neck and head backwards as much as you can and push waist area slightly forward.

Step 4:

Now Breathing should be normal for 6 to 10 seconds in this position.

Step 5:

After 6 to 10 seconds return to the first position by bending forward.  Release your hands from heels. This is your one round of Ushtra Asana. Repeat this for some more rounds.




1.  Improves digestion and posture.

2.  Reduces fats on thighs and relives lower back pain.

3.  Helps to overcome menstrual discomfort.

4.  Stretches and opens the front of body.

5.  Improves flexibility of the spine.


1.  Back, head or neck injury then perform this under supervision of experienced teacher or avoid this.

2.  High or low blood pressure then performs this under supervision of experienced teacher.

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