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Check if column exists in SQL Server table?

sys.columns catalogue view Returns a row for each column of an object that has columns, such as views or tables. The following is a list of object types that have columns:

1.  Table-valued assembly functions (FT)
2.  Inline table-valued SQL functions (IF)
3.  Internal tables (IT)
4.  System tables (S)
5.  Table-valued SQL functions (TF)
6.  User tables (U)
7.  Views (V)



IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.columns 
            WHERE Name = N'IsACtive' and Object_ID = Object_ID(N'Products'))
    -- Column Exists
    PRINT 'Column IsACtive Exists'


Column IsACtive Exists


Update from select query in sql server?

      Update from select using sql server:

 You can update records from another table, explained in below example

Example without using join:

Update Products 
SET isActive=1,
FROM ActiveProducts A
Where Products.ProductCode=A.ProductCode

update using inner join :

Update P
SET P.isActive=1,
FROM Products P
INNER JOIN ActiveProducts A  ON P.ProductCode=A.ProductCode