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User acceptance testing (UAT)

In this article I will explain user acceptance testing; my whole work experience is in software development still I will try to share knowledge and team experience on this topic.

User acceptance testing (UAT) Defination:

User acceptance testing (UAT) is testing by some specific end users on beta release or pre release version.

Possible end users are:

1.  Specific Company Employees
2.  Specific users from Customer
3.  Common users.
End users checks software meets a set of agreed acceptance criteria and UAT validates software is
Fit for deployment or release.

This is performed after the ST, SIT or in parallel to them.


Weekly or monthly worksheet and work tracking application , testing of the tracking application by a select group of employees of the organization to validate if the system meets their actual business needs is an example for User Acceptance Testing.

    In this testing employees can create time-sheet for week, Month, create projects and save daily work details. Employees can check their work hour reports, their attendance with this application.