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Creating class and objects in plain or classic JavaScript

In ECMAScript6(ES6) JavaScript Classes introduced and JavaScript Classes are templates or blueprint for JavaScript Objects.

Note: JavaScript can function as both a procedural and an object-oriented language.

Code example

//Class or blueprint 
class Car {
    constructor(name, model, year, cartype) {
        this.Name = name;
        this.Model = model;
        this.Year = year;
        this.CarType = cartype;
    GetSafetyDetails() {
        var details = "Global NCAP 5-star rating in adult occupant";
        details += " 4-star in child safety, making it the top safest car";
        return details;


//real world instance(object) of car class or blueprint
let mahindraXUV300 = new Car("Mahindra XUV300", "XUV300 W8 Diesel", "2019", "SUV");

View without layout in MVC

If you want to show view without any surrounding _Layout page, you can set Layout=null.

Code sample,

With following custom error view, you displayed without surrounding _Layout page.

    Layout = null;
<div class="alert alert-danger alert-dismissible fade show">
        <h5>Error! </h5>
        <h6>Something went wrong, contact admin, or try again</h6>

Exception handling for document ready in jQuery

Errors in their jQuery $(document).ready function breaks page or prevent executing important code, You can avoid this with simple try..catch approach

Code example

$(document).ready(function () {
try {
  //your all JavaScript/jQuery code
} catch (error) {
    // handle error
    //Default code when error/or exception this will execute