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Google Chrome 50 stable version

This is our first post on release news and team decided to share some information on latest Google Chrome team release update, hope more users update chrome with latest version that fixes some high level security bugs those exists in previous version.

Google chrome team has announced the release of Google Chrome 50 stable version for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Google chrome team shared some bug fixes description on its blog post and mentioned in post that they will share more information in next post.

Release key features:

What we know about Google 50 already is its list of security-related bug fixes, which the company has announced on its blog.

This update includes 20 security fixes, some of them with short description we listed below

1. High:  Universal XSS in extension bindings.

2. High:  Out-of-bounds write in V8. 

3. Medium:  Out-of-bounds read in Pdfium JPEG2000 decoding.

4. Medium:  Uninitialized memory read in media.

5. Medium:  Use-after-free related to extensions.

6. Medium:  Android downloaded file path restriction bypass.

7. Low:  Address bar spoofing. Credit to Luan Herrera. Potential leak of sensitive information to malicious extensions.

Team mentions many of security bugs are detected using AddressSanitizer, MemorySanitizer, Control Flow Integrity or LibFuzzer.

Reference and more detail:

Bug related more information you can check using bug tracker link

How to update: