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In this article I will share around 100 quality questions that covers all area In MVC.

Prepare following question I am sure those 100 questions definitely help you to crack
Interview in mvc, happy searching friends.

 100 MVC interview question

1. Explain MVC (Model-View-Controller)?

2. Explain Model, view and Controllers in Asp.Net MVC?

3. Difference between ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET WebForms?

4. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of ASP.Net MVC over ASP.NET?

5. What are the Core features of ASP.NET MVC?

6. Explain in which assembly is the MVC framework is defined?

7. Which are the important namespaces used in ASP.Net MVC?

8. Can you please explain the request flow in ASP.NET MVC framework?

9. Do you know about the new features in ASP.Net MVC 4 ?

10. How the ‘page lifecycle’ of ASP.Net MVC does works?

11. What is Separation of Concerns in ASP.NET ASP.Net MVC?

12. Explain the role of components Presentation, Abstraction and Control in MVC?

13. What is partial view in MVC?

14. Why to use Html.Partial in ASP.Net MVC?

15. What is Html.RenderPartial?

16 .Can a view be shared across multiple controllers? If Yes, How we can do that?

17 Explain what is the difference between View and Partial View?


18. What are the differences between Partial View and Display Template and Edit Templates in ASP.Net MVC?

19. What is Razor View Engine?

20. What are the file extensions for razor views?

21. What is Layout in ASP.Net MVC?

22. Explain Sections is ASP.Net MVC?

23. What is ViewStart Page in ASP.Net MVC?

24. What are Code Blocks in Views?

25. What is Area in ASP.Net MVC?

26. How we can register the Area in ASP.Net MVC?

27. Explain what is routing?

28. What is Attribute Routing in ASP.Net MVC?

29. What are the two ways to add constraints to a route?

30. How to enable Attribute Routing?

31. How route table has been created in ASP.NET ASP.Net MVC?

32. What is the use of the default route {resource}.axd/{*pathinfo} ?

33. Explain two instances where routing is not implemented or required?

34. What are the components required to create a route in ASP.Net MVC?

35. Can we add constraints to the route? If yes, explain how we can do it?

36. What is RouteConfig.cs in ASP.Net MVC 4?

37. What is ViewData and TempData in ASP.Net MVC?

38. What is the difference between ViewData, ViewBag and TempData?

39. Does Tempdata hold the data for other request in ASP.Net MVC?

40. Explain Keep method in Tempdata in ASP.Net MVC?

41. What is Peek method in Tempdata in ASP.Net MVC?

42. What are HTML Helpers, AJAX Helpers in ASP.Net MVC?

43. What are Action Methods in ASP.NET MVC?

44. Mention what is the difference between “ActionResult” and “ViewResult” ?

45. What is the importance of NonActionAttribute?

46. List out few different return types of a controller action method?

47. What are child actions in ASP.Net MVC?

48. How we can invoke child actions in ASP.Net MVC?

49. Explain the methods used to render the views in ASP.Net MVC?

50. What are the sub types of ActionResult?

51. What are Non Action methods in ASP.Net MVC?

52. How to change the action name in ASP.Net MVC?

53. How can we determine action invoked from HTTP GET or HTTP POST?

54. Explain how to use multiple submit buttons in ASP.Net MVC?

55. What are Scaffold templates in ASP.Net MVC?

56. Explain the types of Scaffoldings.

57. In Server how to check whether model has error or not in ASP.Net MVC?

58. What are Model Binders in ASP.Net MVC?

59. How we can handle the exception at controller level in ASP.Net MVC?

60. What are Action Filters in ASP.NET MVC and its use?

61. Mention some action filters which are used regularly in ASP.Net MVC?

62. What “beforFilter()”,“beforeRender” and “afterFilter” functions do in Controller?

63. The order of the filters that get executed, if the multiple filters are implemented?

64. What filters are executed in the end?

65. What are Validation Annotations?

66. How to make sure Client Validation is enabled in ASP.Net MVC?

67. How you can implement custom validation in MVC?

68. How can you maintain session in MVC?

69 Explain Dependency Resolution?

70 Explain Bundle.Config in ASP.Net MVC4?

71 What are the options can be configured in AJAX helpers?

72 Explain how you can implement Ajax in MVC?

73 Explain how you can send the result back in JSON format in MVC?

74 What is the meaning of Unobtrusive JavaScript? Explain us by any practical example.

75 Explain RenderBody and RenderPage in ASP.Net MVC?

76 What is the "HelperPage.IsAjax" Property?

77 How we can call a JavaScript function on the change of a Dropdown List in ASP.Net MVC?

78 How we can add the CSS in ASP.Net MVC?

79 What is the use .Glimpse in ASP.Net MVC?

80 What is Dependency Injection in ASP.Net MVC?

81 What are advantages of Dependency Injection (DI) in ASP.Net MVC?

82 What is Test Driven Development (TDD) ?

83 Explain the tools used for unit testing in ASP.Net MVC?

84 Explain Representational State Transfer (REST) in detail?

85 How to use Jquery Plugins in ASP.Net MVC validation?

86 Can you set the unlimited length for "maxJsonLength" property in config?

87 Can you use Razor code in Javascript in ASP.Net MVC?

88 How can you return string result from Action in ASP.Net MVC?

89 How to return the JSON from action method in ASP.Net MVC?

90. Explain JSON Binding?

91. What is difference between MVC (Model-View-Controller) and MVP (Model-View-Presenter)?

92. How do the MVP, MVC, and MVVM patterns relate? When are they appropriate?

93. Difference between MVC and WEB API?

94. How you can manage code security in MVC?

95. How you to implement role based security in MVC?

96. Is forms authentication possible in MVC? If yes then explain in detail how?

97. How to Create an Intranet Site Using ASP.NET MVC?

98. Explain ASP.NET MVC Identity and Security?

99. Explain user authentication and AuthorizeAttribute in mvc?

100.  Possible ways to prevent xss attacks on mvc application?