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Google Angular 2 finally arrives

In 2010 Google and its developers introduced cool web development JavaScript framework AngularJS to world; it quickly became one of the hottest web technologies. Last night (on 15 Sep 2016) finally Google released most awaiting and excited version of Angular 2 rewritten with Microsoft's TypeScript, offers payload size and performance enhancements.


Some cool features

1.  Speed & performance.
2.  Supports all platforms and all browsers.
3.  Change detection.
4.  Extensible with existing code and tools.
5.  Quite easy and simple to create new web applications.
6.  You can create more secure code than old versions.
7.  Improvement in routing and dependency injections.
8.  Improvements in design and style section than older version.


1.   New release after every 6 months so the next one would be around February with Angular 2

2.  In next release more concentration on animation and improvements mobile web app development.

3.  Angular developer team will also move to releasing Angular updates through three channels (major, minor and patch).

The team now also recommends that developers use Microsoft developed TypeScript to write their apps.

Angular 2 details and references required for developers

Official website
Code available at github
Angular 2.0 developer documentation
Report issues with Angular 2.0 team


I shared some developer’s names those worked hard and contributed with angular 2 developer community you can all details with blog

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