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SQL Server 2016 User Logins Management

This is my 2nd article on SQL server 2016, in this article I will explain in detail how to maintain user permissions or security.

SQL Server Security Management

A. Developers Access Control

It is very crucial to manage each user’s access rights as it can become hectic when need to manage 10-20 users with multiple permissions on their windows authentication.

To manage permissions among users, SQL has provided access management using windows groups.

Below are the steps to create any local windows group

1.  Search “Computer Management” and open it.
2.  Expand “Local Users and Groups” and then open Groups.

3.  Add new local windows user group and map windows users under it. Eg. “SQLUserGP_Read”, “SQLUserGP_Write” and “SQLUserGP_DBA”

Windows group can be added in same fashion like windows user.
It is always advisable to provide execute rights to all developers so execute below query for same.

B.  SQL/Web User Access Control

To restrict hackers from manipulate our database, we should always provide minimal access to users.
It can be done at object level and database level.

Object Level

Advisable to provide access to only required objects so that other objects can’t be accessed in case of any hacking attempts.

Database Level 

Keep all the interactions through stored procedure and user should only be allowed to execute SPs (will not have even select rights).

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